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How to Assemble a Card Deck

There are many pre-built card decks for the Universal Card Game. You can see examples of these pre-built card decks in the Card Decks directory. But some times you might want to customize a deck or create a complete new deck. This documents shows you how to do that for the Universal Card Game.

Creating a New Deck

The first thing to do is to decide on a name for your deck. You can see example names in the Card Decks directory. Once you have decided on a name, click here to create the deck in the Card Decks directory using the name you chose.

Adding Cards to the Deck

In this step, you will add cards to the empty deck you just created. Each card must be placed on its own line in the deck document. Each line for the care must be in the following format.

<p>card name<br>card description</p>

Fill in the name of the card at the "card name" location. Fill in the description at the "card description" location. The description can contain additional <br> tags for formatting. But the additional <br> tags will not serve as delimiters. The following is an example deck containing three cards: Sun, Earth, and Moon.

<p>Sun<br>This card symbolizes a star.</p>
<p>Earth<br>This card symbolizes a planet.</p>
<p>Moon<br>This card symbolizes a satellite.</p>

After you have finished adding cards to the deck, click on the "Save" button to save it. You can always modify and fix errors in the deck document file in the future.

Identical Cards

You can add multiple identical cards to your deck. For example, if you want four Ace of Spaces, then add four lines with identical information to the deck.

Multiple Decks

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