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This online PDB Doc utility helps you convert any text file into Palm OS Doc files and vise-versa. The Palm OS Doc file is a standard text format for the Palm OS PDA. You can use this online data converter to convert your favorite e-book and other text file to a format that is uploadable and readable on your Palm OS device. Use the TXT to PDB utility (below) to convert a basic text file to Palm OS Doc database. And use the PDB to TXT utility (below) to convert a Palm OS Doc database to a basic text file.

Tip: Project Gutenberg provides tons of free e-books for you to download and read in various formats. The text format of these e-books are great assets to convert into Palm OS Doc format to read on your handheld PDA. See "Related Links" below for Project Gutenberg.

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PDB Utilities

Here are some other utilities in the Palm OS Data Converter suite to help you manipulate PDB files.

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