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How to Play

Universal Card Game is an online virtual card table. You can use this virtual card table to play any social card games with any number of your friends over the Internet. Your friends can be across the country, next door, or sitting at the same wireless LAN party table with a laptop. Universal Card Game works on any web browser. So call up your friends and start playing card games online.

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Getting Started

You can start playing by going to the Universal Card Game and trying some of the pre-built decks from the Card Decks directory. Once you see how things works, you can build your own deck for your own game by following the "How to Assemble a Card Deck" instruction.

After joining a game, you will see the virtual card game table. The table contains several playing areas, cards, and controls (represented by text or icons). It might looking overwhelming at first, but they are easy to understand and master. Read through our "Explanation of Icon Control Functions" for a head start.

Have questions? Or want to talk about the Universal Card Game? Find other players? You can do all that and more in the Universal Card Game Forum.

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Universal Card Game is designed to duplicate your home social card game experience online. That means there should be some form of social communication, either through verbal methods (preferred choice) or text methods.

For verbal communication, we suggest that you use TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak's primary goal is to build a verbal communication software for gaming with a group of friends. Its software is easy to acquire and install. It is also free for personal use.

If you prefer instant messaging with text, you can use a number of service that is already out there. We suggest that you use Cirqo. Cirqo is an online instant messaging service that works with virtually any web browser. It is also built around the concept of chat rooms, which is more suitable for group gaming than other one-on-one instant messaging services.

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