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Example of Playing "Go Fish" with the Universal Card Game

This is an example of using the online Universal Card Game to play the "Go Fish" card game. Because "Go Fish" is a simple game that many folks already knows the rules, it serve as a good example to illustrate one common way to use Universal Card Game. In the same regard, the rule for "Go Fish" is not explained in this document, but can be easily found on the Internet. In this example, we will use the names, "Joe", "Sue", and "Ann" as our model players.

Joe invites Sue and Ann to play "Go Fish". He creates a game called "Go Fish", selects "Playing Cards - without Jokers" as the common deck, and selects "None" for his personal card deck. Sue and Ann enters the "Go Fish" game through the lobby, click on "Join Game", and select "None" for their personal card deck. If any of them makes a mistake and specifies a personal card deck, the person who made the mistake can quit the game and re-join. After all three players join the game, they decided the turn order will be "Joe" -> "Sue" -> "Ann". On the player's turn, the player will ask the next player for a card. The trio decides that Joe will go first.

Joe asks Sue for 7's. Sue doesn't have any 7's, so she says "Go Fish" to Joe. Joe draws the top card from the common draw deck.

Sue, then on her turn, asks Ann for 8's. Ann has two 8's, so she plays the two 8's into the common area. Sue picks up the 8's from the common area. But she has only one 8, herself, so she leaves them in her hand.

On Ann's turn, she asks Joe for 9's. Joe has one 9. So he gives it up by playing the card into the common area. Ann picks up the card from the common area and put it into her hand. But luckily for her, she already has three 9's. Joe's 9 makes a set of 4. She plays all four 9's into her own "In Play" area to show that she made a set. Eventually, when she has too many sets in her "In Play" area, she can move them all into her discard pile.

And the game continues until someone wins.

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