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Central European - 36 Cards

VI of Hearts

VII of Hearts

VIII of Hearts

IX of Hearts

X of Hearts

Under of Hearts

Over of Hearts

King of Hearts

Ace of Hearts (Spring)

VI of Leaves

VII of Leaves

VIII of Leaves

IX of Leaves

X of Leaves

Under of Leaves

Over of Leaves

King of Leaves

Ace of Leaves (Autumn)

VI of Bells
In some games, function as a Joker.

VII of Bells

VIII of Bells

IX of Bells

X of Bells

Under of Bells

Over of Bells

King of Bells

Ace of Bells (Summer)

VI of Acorns

VII of Acorns

VIII of Acorns

IX of Acorns

X of Acorns

Under of Acorns

Over of Acorns

King of Acorns

Ace of Acorns (Winter)

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