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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Forums

Q: I've just created a new thread and entered a new message. But why is thread pre-dated at 1998? And why is it at the end of the thread list?

A: When you first create the thread, it contain no messages. When a thread has no messages, it is back-dated to 1998 to indicate that no messages has been added.The system appends the thread entry to the end of the thread list, on the first thread list page.

After you add a message to the thread, the time stamp on the Latest Thread list is updated immediately. However, the forum thread list isn't updated yet. It's updated by our database robot every few hours (currently set to 4 hours). When it does, the database robot updates the thread index. If there is a new message, it update the time stamp and moves the message to the relative position in the thread index.

This means that if you look at the thread index, right after you created the new thread, but before the index update, then you will see that it's been back-dated and is at the bottom on the first page of the index.

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Q: I've entered a new message. But it is now gone. What happened?

A: The forums is moderated. If the message is spam, then it will be deleted.

Chances are that you are here, because the message you entered is reasonable. If that is the case, it has most likely been moved to a more appropriate thread. You can check the "Latest" threads list to find your post.

However, if you had inadvertently included sensitive information, such as your address or phone number, we may have deleted your message for your protection.

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