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Can't find your post?

It is very rare that message posts ever get deleted, unless it is spam. It is likely that your message has been moved, because it was off-topic to the thread you posted it in. Or if your message is significant enough to start its own thread.

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Where to look for your post?

There are numerous facilities on our web site to help you locate you post. The facilities are outlined below.

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Latest Threads

The first place you should look for your message post is in the "Latest Threads" area. Whenever you made a post, this list gets updated automatically. Look for a topic title that is relevant to the message you've posted.

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If your message post is relevant to the thread you posted to, but just slightly off-topic, it is likely that the thread you posted to contains a TrackBack linked to your new thread.

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Subscribe to RSS Feed

When you subscribe to the RSS feed, all new messages will automatically show up in your news reader. When your message is moved, the RSS feed is updated with the message's new location. Your news reader will automatically retrieve your new messages thread.

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Our site is indexed by Google, which is integrated with our site search function. As activity on this site increase, Google indexes this site faster. If you come back in a few days, you can find your message through the search.

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How can you help?

You can make it easier on yourself, and us, in the future by posting your messages in relevant threads. If there are no relevant threads, create your own thread in the right section. A question about Pentax digital cameras should be posted in the "Digital Camera: Pentax" forum. A JVC HD camcorder hack, to share, should be posted in the "Video Camera: JVC" forum.

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