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Article Submission Guidelines

Article submissions shows up in our index immediately. It may take Google a few days to index it in their search results.

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  1. Articles should be 300 words or more. You can use our free online Word Count tool to check your article length.
  2. Articles should be informative by providing useful content.
  3. Article must provide the full content. It should not be a starter article that informs the reader to visit another web site for the full content.
  4. Articles that are advertorial in nature will be deleted.
  5. Article should contain proper English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure.
  6. Only submit your own original article. Articles that are plagiarized or violate copyright will be removed.
  7. Submit your article only once. Duplicate submission on any other web site can be seen as plagiarism and copyright violation. Your article will be removed.

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Author Biography

You are welcome to include a biography about yourself. In the biography section, you are welcome to include a link (see section below) to yourself. This link should be relevant to your self-promotion in the biography.

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Only links relevant to the article should be provided at the bottom of the article, in a section titled, "Related Links". Links irrelevant to the article will be removed. The article itself should not contain any links. Duplicate links are not allowed.

Use HTML tags in article to create links to creating hyperlinks to sites, services or products. The following is an example:

Example: <a href="">Cynosure.X International LLC</a>

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