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King, Queen, and Jack are noble cards. Each player can only have one of each type of noble cards in play at any one time. Cards numbered from 2 through 10 are solder cards. The number represents their ranking. The higher number card represents higher ranking soldier. Higher ranked soldier will destroy lower ranking soldier in battle. Similarily ranked soldier will perish together in battle. Ace card can be used in several different ways: 1) Ace Champion, 2) Assassination, 3) Armor. Joker card can be used in several different ways: 1) Pick a Card, 2) See another player's Hand, 3) Show Another Player's Hand, 4) Recruit Another Player's Card. to pick any card out of the discard pile or the fresh pile. The card picked does not have to be shown to other players. Joker card can be played at any time during the game. Start the game with a freshly shuffled deck. Each player draws 7 cards. If you have two noble cards of the same suite, you can use one of them to turn the other one into a different suite for the duration of your turn.

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