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Cynosure.X International presents classic tales and traditioanl how-to instructions in audio book format. ezAudioBook is a great way to catch up on your reading without putting aside your tasks.

Hands-Free Enjoyment

Listen to fictions or learn new skills through ezAudioBook's, while keeping your hands free for other tasks. These audio books are great ways to exercise your mental mind, while keeping your hands free for physical exercises. Place ezAudioBook's on your MP3 player or your computer and listen to the audiobook's in your home, in your car, or on the run.

Natural Voice

ezAudioBook's are encoded using natural voice technology, which delivers high-quality, human-like voice. With natural voice technology, ezAudioBook's provide ultimate clarity with an easy-to-understand tone of voice. List to an ezAudioBook Sample.



ezAudioBook's are distributed in MP3 format with no nasty DRM. This means that you can play them back on any device, whether it's a computer, a MP3 player, a car MP3 stereo, or a mobile PDA. It will work with virtually any device that can playback MP3 format. You are free to convert ezAudioBook's to other formats for your own personal use. Or chop them up into shorter segments. There are no restriction to what you can do with ezAudioBook's; other than the few restriction that you can't copy, resell, and redistribute your ezAudioBook's to others. See the ezAudioBook End User License Agreement for details.

The Pirates of Ersatz By Murry Leinster. The War of the World By H. G. Wells.

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