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eBay, Etsy, Shapeways, and many online marketplaces allows you to use keywords and key phrases to market your products. But they usually limit you on the number of keywords you can use. For example, Shapeways has a 25 key phrases limit. This tool helps count the number of phrases. Type your list of key phrases in the box below, separate each phrase with a comma. It will total up the key phrases as you type. Then you can copy-and-paste your key phrases into your product listing.

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This tool remembers your settings, so that the next time you come back, you'll see the previous keywords and phrases you entered. You can use this tool as a virtual clipboard to track different sets of tags for you posts. This tool tracks up to three sets of tags. Our Key Phrase Counter (Premium) app, on Android markets, tracks much more. See "Related Links" below to download the app.

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