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This is the help documentation for the WebSite-X Suite software. WebSite-X Suite is a software package that delivers web content to end-user web browsers and facilitates interaction between the web site and its users.

The WebSite-X Suite includes a Forums interface, a Library interface, a Links interface, a Google/Amazon Search interface, and a MyInk wiki interface. WebSite-X Suite also support RSS feed and RSS syndication interfaces. All of these interfaces use common code base for easy web site management and integration. A potent spam control software in the back-end prevents content degradation.

Please see the following documentation to take full advantage of using the WebSite-X Suite system. This help documentation system uses the MyInk wiki system. Feel free to update these documents with helpful tips to benefit everyone.


Before posting your question to the forum, read this very useful off-site article:

MyInk (Wiki)

Tango Desktop Project

WebSite-X Suite uses icons from the Tango Desktop Project, which offers over 100 different-sized icons to use in software and web sites to create a consistent graphical user interface experience.

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