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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How come most or all of the images are broken?

A: Some of the web pages uses the Coral Content Distribution Network. The distribution network might have gone down temporarily for maintenance. Or it might have just been heavily loaded for the time being. Give it some time, or come back later, and try reloading the page again.

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Q: Will my e\mail address be used for spam?

A: We will not use your e-mail address for spam.

However, if you include your e-mail address in our comment form, it will be publicly posted on our web site. That mean any e-mail scraper bot will be able to scrape your e-mail and spam you. This is an old and well known technique on the Internet. Bottom line is if you post your e-mail publicly online some where, it will be scrapped and spammed. Search for "scraping email addresses off web sites" for more information regarding this topic.

That is one reason e-mail is not a mandatory field when posting comments on our sites. Please keep that in mind.

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