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Power Explorer is a File Explorer replacement for your mobile device that runs Windows Mobile or Pocket PC. Things that can't be accomplished in File Explorer can be accomplished in Power Explorer. For example, Power Explorer allows you to see and change file name extensions.

Power Explorer supports plug-ins, so it's functionality is virtually limitless. If a feature is lacking in Power Explorer, you can easily script a plug-in that accomplishes your task. Scripting is so easy, the possibility is endless. You can write your own plug-ins, or download existing Power Explorer plug-ins from our forums. Feel free to post your plug-ins to our forums as well. Take a look at our "How to Write Power Explorer Plug-Ins" article. A list of plug-ins available for you to download is located here: Power Explorer Plug-Ins.

Power Explorer is a free software that you can use without any charge. So download away and use it to manage your files and directories. There is no support, no warranty, and no liability associated to Power Explorer of any kind.

Power Explorer is distributed with source code under the General Public License (GPL). You are welcome to modify it in anyway for your own purpose. You may freely distribute the Power Explorer and your modifications by following the GPL. Please see the General Public License on this site.

Power Explorer requires the free MortScript interpreter to run. So in order to use Power Explorer, you'll have to download and install MortScript on your Windows Mobile device. You can download a free copy of MortScript from "Related Links" below.

If you have questions regarding the Power Explorer, feel free to post and discuss them in our forum. Also, let us know what functionality you'd like to see in future versions of Power Explorer.

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Currently, Power Explorer supports the following operations. More functionalities can be easily added via the plug-in interface. Please tell us what features you'd like to see.

Directory Operations:
  Copy Directory
  Create Directory
  Create Shortcut
  Cut Directory
  Delete Tree
  Manipulate Files in Directory
  New Text File
  Remove Directory
  Rename Directory

File Operations:
  Copy File
  Create Shortcut
  Cut File
  Delete File
  Duplicate File
  Edit as Text
  Execute File
  Execute File in Background
  Rename File
  View as Text

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New: Power Explorer 2.4 is now available. The current build is 2010-01-11. See Change Log.

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