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NWN Characters Cleaner

Neverwinter Nights has a tendency to create multiple copies of the same character. Just playing one sessions could create a number of character copies. And it a persistent world server auto-exports your characters, you can end up with thirty copies in one night.

This NWN Characters Cleaner for Windows software will clean up your characters for you. After running "NWN Characters Cleaner", you will have only two copies of each character in your NWN localvault directory: 1) The original character; 2) The newest exported character.

"NWN Characters Cleaner" is distributed as executable source code under the GNU General Public License. Please see the license agreement elsewhere on this site.

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New: NWN Characters Cleaner 1.0 is now available. The current build is 2009-09-18. See Change Log.

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After downloading the archive, open the ZIP file and double-click on the Install.bat. The software will install itself in "Program Files" and add itself to the Start menu.

An uninstall script is installed at the same time. You can uninstall NWN Characters Cleaner at any time by clicking on "Uninstall" in the Start menu.

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How It Works

The way NWN Characters Cleaner works is that it finds the character copy with the highest number tag, and makes that copy the second character copy in the localvault directory. NWN Characters Cleaner will fail if there are broken segments of character numbering. But that will only happen if you manually delete character copies. If you use NWN Characters Cleaner, you will never see that situation.

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