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IBD 100 Graphs

Note: IBD announced that "the IBD 100 was discontinued on January 3, 2011, and replaced with the IBD 50." Therefore, we now have an IBD 50 Graphs tool.

This free online tool accept your IBD 100 stock list (in text format) and generates a web page for you. The web page it generates shows the daily, weekly, and yearly charts for the stock symbols on the IBD 100 list. This IBD 100 list processor is an excellent tool for analyzing the IBD 100 stock symbols at a glance.

With this tool, you can analyze the current list, previous week's list, or a list you saved five years ago. As long as you have the IBD 100 list in text file format, you can upload it to this tool for processing.

If you have improvement suggestions for this free online tool, please comment in our forums. We love to implement new ideas.

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The following is a sample of what you'd see after uploading your IBD 100 list for analysis. The sample below shows two symbols. You'll, of course, see graphs for the entire list of 100 symbols after uploading your IBD 100 list.


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New Features

Most recent first.

  1. Ability to load 3 months, 6 months, 2 years, and 5 years charts.
  2. Ability to click on chart to load a larger version of the chart.
  3. Ability to click on symbol name to load the company report.

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