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Cyrah is a virtual personal assistant. It is a task automator software, which can perform any number of tasks for you at any given time. It is limited only by your computer processing power, which is a huge limit given today's computing power.

Cyrah operates similarly to UNIX cron job and Windows scheduled tasks. However, Cyrah has many features that are absent in these other task automators (see "Reasons to use Cyrah" below). Cyrah can also work with these other task automators to perform sophisticated scheduling.

Cyray is currently free and is distributed under our Freeware license agreement. Download your free copy today and let Cyrah make your life easier.

For help on setting up Cyrah and developing Cyrah tasks, please see the Cyrah Documentation table of content page.

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The Vision

In the future, Cyrah will have a front-end interface to communicate directly with you and your family. It will have a virtual "face" so that you can communicate to it face-to-face. It will be able to detect your presence to initiate communication. It will be able to speak verbally, so as to notify you of events even without your visual attention. It will have the ability to perform speech recognition, so that you can ask it to perform various tasks verbally.

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Reasons to Use Cyrah

  1. Cyrah runs on any operating system (with Java). You can use it to automate tasks even on operating systems that don't support task automation.
  2. Cyrah runs with or without system adminstration privileges. On many UNIX systems, users may not have permission to run cron jobs. These users can user Cyrah to automate tasks.
  3. Cyrah tasks can be shared with others. You can download a task someone else created, drag-and-drop it into Cyrah's task folder, and Cyrah will perform the task.
  4. Cyrah can run in your current shell, so that it can actively communicate with you. Or you can run Cyrah in a background process, much like a UNIX cron job. This feature is different from an UNIX cron job, which is not tied to any display and means it can not display dialog boxes to notify you immediately of an event.
  5. "Due to the internal workings of Mac OS X's version of Unix, cron does not have permission to call GUI applications." Cyrah does not have this limitation on Mac OS X.

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New: Cyrah 1.0 is now available. The current build is 2009-10-20. See Change Log.

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