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Library: GNU bash Command Reference (Darwin 9.0)


select: select NAME [in WORDS ... ;] do COMMANDS; done

The WORDS are expanded, generating a list of words.  The
set of expanded words is printed on the standard error, each
preceded by a number.  If `in WORDS' is not present, `in "$@"'
is assumed.  The PS3 prompt is then displayed and a line read
from the standard input.  If the line consists of the number
corresponding to one of the displayed words, then NAME is set
to that word.  If the line is empty, WORDS and the prompt are
redisplayed.  If EOF is read, the command completes.  Any other
value read causes NAME to be set to null.  The line read is saved
in the variable REPLY.  COMMANDS are executed after each selection
until a break command is executed.

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