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Library: GNU bash Command Reference (Darwin 9.0)


for: for NAME [in WORDS ... ;] do COMMANDS; done

The `for' loop executes a sequence of commands for each member in a
list of items.  If `in WORDS ...;' is not present, then `in "$@"' is
assumed.  For each element in WORDS, NAME is set to that element, and
the COMMANDS are executed.
for ((: for (( exp1; exp2; exp3 )); do COMMANDS; done
Equivalent to
(( EXP1 ))
while (( EXP2 )); do
(( EXP3 ))
EXP1, EXP2, and EXP3 are arithmetic expressions.  If any expression is
omitted, it behaves as if it evaluates to 1.

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