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Library: GNU bash Command Reference (Darwin 9.0)


enable: enable [-pnds] [-a] [-f filename] [name ...]

Enable and disable builtin shell commands.  This allows
you to use a disk command which has the same name as a shell
builtin without specifying a full pathname.  If -n is used, the
NAMEs become disabled; otherwise NAMEs are enabled.  For example,
to use the `test' found in $PATH instead of the shell builtin
version, type `enable -n test'.  On systems supporting dynamic
loading, the -f option may be used to load new builtins from the
shared object FILENAME.  The -d option will delete a builtin
previously loaded with -f.  If no non-option names are given, or
the -p option is supplied, a list of builtins is printed.  The
-a option means to print every builtin with an indication of whether
or not it is enabled.  The -s option restricts the output to the POSIX.2
`special' builtins.  The -n option displays a list of all disabled builtins.

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