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Library: GNU bash Command Reference (Darwin 9.0)


cd: cd [-L|-P] [dir]

Change the current directory to DIR.  The variable $HOME is the
default DIR.  The variable CDPATH defines the search path for
the directory containing DIR.  Alternative directory names in CDPATH
are separated by a colon (:).  A null directory name is the same as
the current directory, i.e. `.'.  If DIR begins with a slash (/),
then CDPATH is not used.  If the directory is not found, and the
shell option `cdable_vars' is set, then try the word as a variable
name.  If that variable has a value, then cd to the value of that
variable.  The -P option says to use the physical directory structure
instead of following symbolic links; the -L option forces symbolic links
to be followed.

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